A comedy podcast about scary stories and tangents. Join your (g)host Avalon as he and his friends sit around the proverbial campfire to share and riff on spooooky tales of spectres, phantasms, boogins and googas.
1 year ago

S4E7 - The Ed & Lorraine Warren / Conjuring ECU Spectacular!

We're Back! To Talk About Frauds!

We're back! After an unannounced and unplanned hiatus / extended bout of existential dread, Emily Faye Coleman and Randall Lawrence rejoin Avalon around the cemetery to talk about Ed and Lorraine Warren, James Wan, and how they watched all of the movies in The Conjuring Extended Cinematic Universe!

Beware! The spookiest thing in this episode is probably the audio quality. We were trying something out and it was about as successful as The Nun.

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