A comedy podcast about scary stories and tangents. Join your (g)host Avalon as he and his friends sit around the proverbial campfire to share and riff on spooooky tales of spectres, phantasms, boogins and googas.
1 year ago

S4E10 - Smiley the Sleep Paralysis Demon - with Michael Garcia

This week, Michael Garcia re-joins Avalon among the tombstones for the first episode of the 2021 BooHaHalloween Spooktacustravaganza!

In addition to worrying about the guy wandering Portland's beautiful Lone Fir cemetery with knives, they dig into some genuinely terrifying tales from Jezebel's annual listener scary story roundup.

There are devils, "friendly" "neighbors", and of course, Smiley the Sleep Paralysis Demon. It's horrifying. Also, go watch that documentary The Nightmare.

Ever Forward Spooky Friendos!

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